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  • Country Club of Darien — The club has the second-largest estimated property value of any entity in town, with $23.2 million in assessed value (equal to 70 percent of estimated actual value)
  • Darien Boat Club — founded in the late 1940s, the club's membership has grown from a few charter members to more than 850, as well as their families.
  • Noroton Yacht Club — Former members of "the world-renowned" club "have included two America's Cup skippers." The club runs the largest junior sailing program in the county.The club was founded in 1928 and built its first clubhouse the following year. Noroton is a section of Darien.
  • Piedmont Club — Not a country club, the "Società Umberto Principe di Piemonte, Inc." was organized July 15, 1916 and "a well-appointed and commodious clubhouse" just off Noroton Avenue was erected in 1923, according to a town history published in 1935.
  • Tokeneke Club — When developers of Tokeneke were trying to sell real estate there, they found that ensuring access to a beach removed some hesitation on the part of prospective buyers, so they founded the Tokeneke Beach Club in 1907, acquiring "a small stretch of shore on which stood a dilapidated double-decker bathhouse and a broken pier," soon replaced. The club's original wooden buildings caught fire at a Saturday night party in 1932 and burned to the ground; replacement buildings were later battered by hurricanes. Tokeneke is a section of Darien.
  • Wee Burn Country Club — formed in 1895, it is the first organized golf club in the state and "either the second or third in the United States." The name of the club was taken from a small stream, Stony Brook, which ran through the old grounds. Originally a small house on the Post Road in Noroton (across the street from St. Luke's Episcopal Church was rented for a clubhouse and nearby land for a seven-hole course was rented. The lease stipulated that the links couldn't prevent the landlord from continuing to use the fields as pasture for his cows. Eventually more land was bought on Hollow Tree Ridge Road and the course was enlarged to nine holes and then 18 by (at the latest) the 1930s. The club is the largest taxpayer in Darien, with an assessed property value (equal to 70 percent of estimated value) of $29.8 million. As recently as 1999, the club did not allow women as full members - they were subject to restricted tee times and barred from the clubhouse.
  • Woodway Country Club — founded in 1916 when some members of the Wee Burn Country Club decided the small Wee Burn links, then near the Post Road in Noroton, were getting too crowded. The club bought 150 acres (0.61 km2) of land in Darien and another 45 in Stamford, and an 18-hole course was opened July 1, 1918. The club was the sixth largest taxpayer, according to the October 1, 2004 town Grand List. The assessed value of the property (equal to 70 percent of actual estimated value) was $19.9 million.
  • Ox Ridge Hunt Club — On 37 acres (150,000 m2), the riding club hosts a popular annual horse show held since 1926. The club was founded in 1911.

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